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          ( امتیاز: 5 از 5، مشارکت کنندگان: 2 رای )

          CPU 1516-3 PN/DP

          SIMATIC S7-1500, CPU 1516-3 PN/DP, Central processing unit with Work memory 1 MB for program and 5 MB for data, 1st interface:PROFINET IRT with 2-port switch, 2nd interface: PROFINET RT, 3rd interface: PROFIBUS, 10 ns bit performance, SIMATIC Memory card required

          Product Features:
          • Performance
          • Faster command processing, language extensions and new data types depending on the CPU type
          • Even shorter response times of the CPUs due to considerably faster backplane bus
          • Powerful network connection: each CPU is equipped with PROFINET IRT (2-port switch) as standard interface. In addition, the CPU 1516-3 PN/DP features a second PROFINET interface, e.g. for network separation, for connecting further PROFINET IO RT devices, or for high-speed communication as an I-Device.
          • Integrated technology
          • Connection of analog and PROFIdrive-capable drivers via standardized blocks (PLCopen)
          • Support of speed-controlled and positioning axes as well as external encoders, precise position gearing between axes, cams/cam tracks and probes
          • Trace functions for all CPU tags, both for diagnostics in real time as well as for sporadic error, detection; can also be called via the web server of the CPU
          • Comprehensive control functionalities, e.g. easy to configure blocks for automatic optimization of the control parameters for optimum control quality
          • Security Integrated
          • Password-based know-how protection against unauthorized read-out and modification of program blocks
          • Copy protection for trying individual blocks to the serial number of the SIMATIC Memory Card: The block can only run if the configured memory card is inserted into the CPU.
          • 4-level authorization concept: Communication to the HMI devices can also be restricted.
          • Manipulation protection: The controller recognizes changed or unauthorized transmissions of the engineering data.
          • Design and handling
          • Display of overview information: E.g. Station name, plant identifer, location designation, etc., diagnostic information, module information, display settings.
          • Possible operations on the display: Set addresses of the CPU or connected Ethernet communications processors, set date and time, select operating mode of CPU, reset CPU to factory settings, disable/enable display, activate protection levels, acknowledge messages, backup and restoring of the project.
          • Integrated system diagnostics
          • System diagnostics information is displayed consistently and in plain text in the display, TIA Portal, HMI devices and web server, even for massages from the drivers, and updated even if the CPU is in STOP mode.
          • Integrated in the frimware of the CPU, no special configuration is required
          • SIMATIC Memory Card (required for operation of the CPU)
          • Used as a plug-in load memory or for updating the firmware.
          • Also for storing additional documents or csv files (for recipes and archives)
          • Creation of data blocks for storage/reading of data via SFCs of the user program
          • Datalog (archives) and recipes
          • Storage of csv files for recipec and archives on the SIMATIC Memory Card; easy access to plant-relevant operating data using Ofiice tools or via a web server
          • Easy access to configuration data of the machine by means of a Web browser or SD card reader (two-way data exchange from and to the controller)
          • Programming
          • Programming with STEP 7 Professional, V12 and higher
          • Migration tool for migrating from SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 to S7-1500; converts the program code lergely automatically. Non-convertible code is logged and can be manually adapted.
          • STEP 7 V11 projects can continue to be used with STEP 7 V12 in compatibility mode.
          • S7-1200 basic programs can be transferred to S7-1500 by copy-paste.

          6ES7516-3AN01-0AB0 Introduction:

          Overview 6ES7516-3AN01-0AB0

          • The CPU with a large program and data memory in the S7-1500 controller product range for applications with high requirements regarding program scope and networking.
          • High processing speed for binary and floating-point arithmetic
          • Used as central controller in production lines with central and distributed I/O
          • PROFINET IO IRT interface with 2-port switch
          • PROFINET IO controller for operating distributed I/O on PROFINET
          • PROFINET I-device for connecting the CPU as an intelligent PROFINET device under a SIMATIC or non-Siemens PROFINET IO controller
          • Additional PROFINET interface with separate IP address for network separation, for connecting further PROFINET IO RT devices, or for high-speed communication as an I-device
          • PROFIBUS DP master interface
          • UA server and client as runtime option for easy connection of the SIMATIC S7-1500 to third-party devices/systems with the functions:
            OPC UA Data Access
            OPC UA Security
            OPC UA Methods Call
            Support of OPC UA Companion specifications.
          • Central and distributed isochronous mode on PROFIBUS and PROFINET
          • Integrated motion control functionalities for controlling speed-controlled and positioning axes, support for external encoders, cams/cam tracks and probes
          • Integrated web server for diagnostics with the option of creating user-defined web pages

          SIMATIC Memory Card required for operation of the CPU

          Design 6ES7516-3AN01-0AB0

          The CPU 1516-3 PN/DP features:

          • A powerful processor:
            The CPU achieves command execution times as low as 10 ns per binary instruction.
          • A large work memory:
            1 MB for program, 5 MB for data
          • SIMATIC Memory Cards as load memory;
            permit additional functions such as datalog and archives
          • Flexible expansion capability:
            single-tier configuration with max. 32 modules (CPU + 31 modules)
          • Display with functions for:
            Display of overview information such as IP address of the integrated interface, station name, higher level designation, location designation, etc.,
            Display and acknowledgment of diagnostic and user messages
            Display of module information
            Display of user-definable logo
            Showing display settings
            Setting of IP addresses
            Setting of data and time
            Selection of the operating mode
            Resetting of the CPU to factory settings
            Backup and restoring of the project
            Disabling/enabling of the display
            Enabling of protection levels
          • PROFINET IO IRT interface for connecting distributed I/O via PROFINET
          • PROFINET interface for network separation
          • PROFIBUS DP interface for connecting distributed I/O via PROFIBUS

          6ES7516-3AN01-0AB0 Technical Information's:

          SIMATIC S7-1500, CPU 1516-3 PN/DP, Central processing unit with Work memory 1 MB for program and 5 MB for data, 1st interface:PROFINET IRT with 2-port switch, 2nd interface: PROFINET RT, 3rd interface: PROFIBUS, 10 ns bit performance, SIMATIC Memory card required

          Technical Specifications

          • General Information:
          • CPU 1516 3 PN/DPProduct type designation
          • FS03HW functional status
          • V2.6Firmware version
          • Product Function:
          • Yes; I&M0 to I&M3I&M data
          • Engineering With:
          • V15.1 (FW V2.6)/V13 SP1 Update 4 (FW V1.8) or higherSTEP 7 TIA Portal configurable/integrated as of version
          • Configuration Control:
          • Yesvia dataset
          • Display:
          • 6.1 cmScreen diagonal [cm]
          • Control Elements:
          • 6Number of keys
          • 1Mode buttons
          • Supply Voltage:
          • 24 V DCType of supply voltage
          • 19.2 Vpermissible range, lower limit (DC)
          • 28.8 Vpermissible range, upper limit (DC)
          • YesReverse polarity protection
          • Mains Buffering:
          • 5 msMain/voltage failure stored energy time
          • 1/sRepeat rate, min
          • Input Current:
          • 0.85 ACurrent consumption (rated value)
          • 2.4 A; Rated valueInrush current, max
          • Power:
          • 12 WInfeed powerbto the backplane bus
          • 6.7 WPower consumption from the backplane bus (balanced)
          • Power Loss:
          • 7 WPower loss, typ
          • Memory:
          • 1Number of slots for SIMATIC memory card
          • YesSIMATIC memory card required
          • Work Memory:
          • 1 mbyteintegrated (for program)
          • 5 Mbyteintegrated (for data)
          • Load Memory:
          • 32 GbytePlug-in (SIMATIC Memory Card), max
          • Backup:
          • Yesmaintenance-free
          • Address Arrea:
          • 8 192; max. number of modules/submodulesNumber of IO modules
          • I/o Adress Area:
          • 32 kbyte; All inputs are in the process imageInputs
          • 32 kbyte; All outputs are in the process imageOutputs
          • Per Integrated Io Subsystem:
          • 8 kbyteInputs (volume)
          • 8 kbyteOutputs (volume)
          • Per Cm/cp:
          • 8 kbyteInputs (volume)
          • 8 kbyteOutputs (volume)
          • Hardware Configuration:
          • 64; A dsitributed I/O system is characterized not only by the integration of distributed I/O via PROFINET or PROFIBUS communication modules, but also by the connection of I/O via AS-i master modules or links (e.g. IE/PB-Link)Number of distributed IO systems
          • Interface Types:
          • 2Number of ports
          • Yesintegrated switch
          • Yes;X1RJ45 (Ethernet)
          • Protocols:
          • Yes; IPv4IP protocol
          • YesPROFINET IO Controller
          • YesPROFINET IO Device
          • YesSIMATIC communication
          • YesOpen IE communication
          • YesWeb server
          • Yes; MRP Automanager according to IEC 62439-2 Edition 2.0Media redundancy
          • Programming Language:
          • YesLAD
          • YesFBD
          • YesSTL
          • YesSCL
          • YesGRAPH

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